COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — The Ohio Department of Health says new doses of the Monkeypox vaccine are heading to Ohio.

“Our allocations have likewise been less than some harder hit states, but rest assured that Ohio continues too actively advocate for more vaccines,” said Dr. Bruce Vanderhoff, director of the Ohio Department of Health.

Vanderhoff says the state is pushing for new doses of the Monkeypox vaccine, known as Jynneos. This week, he said Ohio received 5,440 doses of the vaccine, adding that the vaccine is administered in two doses, meaning it’s enough to vaccinate over 2,700 people.

“Our strategy in the face of these national limitations, has been to get available supply out as quickly as possible to Ohio communities, with the highest case counts, and the highest risk per spread,” said Vanderhoff.

According to the CDC, there have been 75 confirmed cases of Monkeypox in Ohio, primarily in urban areas like Cleveland, Cincinnati and Columbus. Infectious disease doctors say the spread of Monkeypox is far less prevalent than COVID.

“We are not seeing Monkeypox being transmitted in grocery stores, or by shopping, or things like that,” said Dr. Joseph Gastaldo, an infectious disease specialist with OhioHealth.

Gastaldo says transmission of Monkeypox requires close, intimate contact with an infected person. Either through a rash, bodily fluids, or inhaling respiratory droplets.

He says the majority of cases are among men who have sexual relations with other men, however, he says anyone can be infected with the disease. Its why health officials are working closely with community partners, to lower the spread.

“Connecting directly with the LGBTQ+ community, on Monkeypox education, and actually providing the vaccines, and bringing vaccines to where those populations are who need them,” said Dr. Gastaldo

The Ohio Department of Health says 13,000 doses of the Monkeypox vaccine will arrive in the coming weeks, and are in the process of creating a community dashboard for Monkeypox cases later this month.