COLUMBUS (WCMH) — For the past 15 years, this month’s “Mom Boss” has been bringing style to the Short North as the owner of Rowe Boutique. For the past six years, she’s been doing it as a mom, something Maren Roth never really imagined for herself. 

“I never knew that I was going to be a mom. So, I didn’t ever really think about it,” said Maren. “I was always so focused on the business because I started it so young. And I didn’t have kids until later in life I had my son at 41, so I think what surprised me is that I would still have that desire to do both.” 

Although Maren still has the drive to succeed, she has also realized the need to be present for her family. 

“‘I just used to work really late at night, and I would probably be on my phone doing Instagram and I still do some of that. But I try to be more present,” said Maren. 

This past year, that balancing act was made even more challenging thanks to the pandemic. 

“Really it was incredibly terrifying. We just pivoted as best as we could. I did a ton more social media because that’s how we are connecting with people,” recalls Roth. “We just came in every day, and we weren’t open to the public, but were selling online so we’re packing and shipping and dropping off calling customers sending pictures. I have never worked harder in my 15 years.” 

Even more impressive, she did it while pregnant and getting her daughter through her final year of preschool at home. 

“It is a lot of juggling. And I’m sure I’ll look back years from now and my kids are grown, and I think, oh my god how did I do that,” said Maren. 

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