COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — Jurors said they cannot come to an agreement in the trial of former Columbus Police Officer Andrew Mitchell on Thursday afternoon.

The jurors are still undecided on murder charges in the 2018 shooting death of Donna Castleberry, in particular, whether Mitchell’s actions were reasonable.

Mitchell was working undercover when he tried to arrest Castleberry under suspicion of soliciting prosecution, and he shot her.

Prosecutors built their case around Castleberry trying to thwart what she thought was a kidnapping when she drew a knife to cut Mitchell.

While prosecuting attorneys claim Mitchell used excessive, unreasonable force against Castleberry, the former officer’s defense attorneys contend that Castleberry presented a threat that warranted Mitchell’s use of force.

Jurors asked to examine the knife, plus additional evidence. They also asked for clarification on the legal definition of “conduct.”

Judge David Young allowed them to look at the knife with a deputy present. Aside from that, he said the jury has received all of the evidence and instruction that it’s going to get.

When jurors said they couldn’t agree on reasonableness, the judge sent them back in to keep deliberating until 4:45 p.m., then come back Friday morning if they still can’t reach a verdict.