COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) – The Mid-Ohio Food Collective (MOFC) is set to start offering a new service that will allow customers to pick up food at a time that is convenient to them.

MOFC will set up a secure refrigerated locker service at the Mid-Ohio Market at 620 Norton Road on the city’s west side starting Tuesday.

Similar to secured locker services provided by other retailers, MOFC will allow customers to place their orders online and designate a pickup timeframe. Then, using a PIN number, customers can pick up their orders at the Norton Road location at a time that works for them.

“This system will make it easier for working families in Columbus to get fresh, healthy food at times that work for their busy schedules,” MOFC President and CEO Matt Habash said in a statement. “When healthy food options are convenient, more people can use and benefit from them. The result is better health outcomes for the community.”

The refrigerated food lockers were made possible by an investment from Humana Healthy Horizons, which manages Medicaid benefits for almost 95,000 Ohioans.

MOFC has been testing the locker system with a select number of customers for several months, and the new system will serve about three dozen families each day, MOFC said.

MOFC helps feed families in need across 20 counties and serves hundreds of thousands of Ohioans each year.

To learn more about MOFC and the locker program, click here.