COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — Mid-Ohio Food Collective hosted a special volunteer event on Thursday ahead of Earth Day on Saturday, partnering with local non-profit organization Green Columbus.

Volunteers aided in preparing the garden at the Mid-Ohio Food Collective for several hours on Thursday ahead of planting season. The group constructed trellises for crops to grow vertically, which yield up to 20 times more than traditional farming, and filled raise beds with soil.

“Mid-Ohio Food Collective, our farm [and] team motto is make every acre count,” said Tess Esposito, the garden manager. “We do our best to use sustainability practices like water catchment, no pesticide, local food so that goes a long way in the gardens.”

“[Mid-Ohio Food Collective] is organized and nothing goes to waste and I love that there is so much fresh food,” said volunteer Lois Moore. “I love that it’s not just providing food but it’s providing good food, fresh food, it’s not just boxes of stuff. Which is okay but even better stuff with vitamins in it stuff that is right out of the ground. Food that people really need, this is the kind of stuff I would buy at the grocery store.”

Those who volunteered today said they just want to continue giving back.

“Like me, I never thought I’d want to help people in my life, but I’m actually helping people and enjoying it too,” said 15-year-old volunteer Jaymion Mccarey.

Later in the summer, when the food is harvested, it will go straight into the kitchen and incorporated into meals to distribute that week. They expect their first harvest to be in June.