COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — Columbus police are investigating after a team installing parking signs was shot at during an argument Tuesday.

Police said the incident was reported at approximately 12:47 p.m. near the intersection of High Street and Broad Street.

At the scene, officers found one shell casing in the southbound lanes of High Street.

Surveillance video from the area showed an argument between drivers, police said. The video quality did not allow police to determine if the people in the argument fired the gun.

The victims of the shooting were found later by police. The victims said they were driving south on High Street after finishing installing parking signs.

An unknown man then approached them and accused them of cutting him off in traffic, police said, which started an argument between everyone involved.

The victims told police a woman passenger then got out of the suspect’s vehicle and fired a single gunshot, according to police. The victims said they did not know if the woman fired the gun into the air, at them, or into the ground.

No injuries are reported.

Anyone with any information is asked to contact Columbus police at 614-645-4189.