COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) – A SWAT team came to a Columbus apartment complex after a man attacked and threatened children with multiple blades, according to the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office.

Abdikadir Omar. (Courtesy Photo/Franklin County Sheriff’s Office)

Abdikadir Omar, 24, faces a charge of felonious assault as well as another felony for violating his probation, according to Franklin County inmate records. NBC4 obtained a deputy’s incident report on Friday that explained what happened during the standoff.

Two deputies went at 4:29 p.m. Wednesday to a complex in the 3300 block of Urban Hollow Court after getting a report of a knife attack. While the deputies said they didn’t see what happened leading up to the situation at hand, witnesses there told the deputies that Omar had broken the windows of a neighbor’s apartment with weapons.

The report from the sheriff’s office said Omar had gotten in an argument with children inside the other apartment, and after breaking the front window open, threw a hatchet at them. The witnesses went on to tell the deputies that Omar then grabbed a butcher knife from his apartment, came back and broke the rear window out.

Omar tried to get into the children’s apartment through the rear window, but cut himself on the broken glass and then went back to his apartment, according to the deputy’s report. Once the witnesses told the deputies everything that happened, the two on scene knocked on Omar’s door and asked him to come out. No one responded.

The two deputies called for backup, and a Franklin County sheriff’s detective and SWAT team came to the complex. The report said SWAT members reportedly told Omar to come out of his apartment, but the man did not respond. Omar’s parents arrived at the scene to give them a key to his apartment, and SWAT went inside.

After looking around the apartment, the report said SWAT members eventually found Omar hiding in the corner of a second-floor bedroom. The Franklin County Sheriff’s Office said they took him into custody without any further incident, and Omar was not hurt beyond the cut he got from the broken window. Medical crews at the scene treated him for his injury before the two deputies took him to the Franklin County Correction Center II.

The Franklin County Sheriff’s Office later said Thursday that no one else was hurt during the incident.