COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) – Anna Tesi just watched her boyfriend finish mowing their yard in a southwest Columbus neighborhood. She said he decided to go for his daily bike ride “for his heart health” immediately after mowing since he was already “filthy.”

Tesi didn’t see her boyfriend again until she saw him in the hospital bed.

He was hit by a driver of a white Jeep in their neighborhood. When she was told he was hit by a car, she thought maybe the car didn’t see him. The video captured on a neighbor’s doorbell camera shows a different story.

“The car was flying up the road, and he was actually coming the opposite way and he told the driver to slow down,” Tesi said. “He yelled it out. Well, the car finished going up the road and came back flying backwards.”

All this was captured on camera.

“The guy started yelling, ‘Get off your effing bike,’” Tesi said. “He tried to avoid the man and get away from him. And the guy threw it in reverse and sped back over him.”

The video shows her boyfriend, who wanted to remain anonymous, riding his bicycle on Gorham Drive from Carrollton Drive. He crosses over onto the sidewalk, seemingly to avoid the driver of the white SUV. He crosses back across the road back toward Carrollton Drive when the white SUV is seen flooring it in reverse and colliding with the man on the bike.

“His femur was crushed,” Tesi said. “So they went up through his knee and placed a rod through the femur, and placed screws in place to hold it.”

She said her boyfriend is bedridden for the time being, and that he’s facing at least two to three months of recovery and extensive physical therapy.

Arrion Yarbrough

Police used the footage from the neighbor to track down and arrest 20-year-old Arrion Yarbrough. He’s been charged with felony assault, a crime that could garner a sentence from a few months to eight years in Ohio if found guilty.

“They said it’s felony assault, but like me and many of the people that have viewed the video (thousands on social media), all believe he should get for attempted murder,” Tesi said. “He admits to doing it, he did it intentionally. He was out to hurt somebody.”

She also claimed the SUV that hit her boyfriend was a stolen car and didn’t match any vehicle identification number; however, that was not confirmed by police.

Tesi is happy her boyfriend will be OK, but she also expressed how concerned she is for children in the neighborhood because of the issue that started the whole incident: a car speeding down a neighborhood street where the posted speed limit is 25 miles per hour.

“Neighbors are worried for their children’s safety and my boyfriend was worried for the children’s safety; that’s why he yells at them to slow down,” Tesi said. “People fly through them because they’re just cutting through, and they’re not from this community, and they don’t care about your kids. So why worry about the speed?”

Tesi now wants results. She is behind the idea of bringing in speed bumps to curb speeding.

“That would be great for these roads,” she said. “I mean, they don’t have to be continuous. It would at least stop some of it.”

Yarbrough is scheduled to appear in court on Friday.