COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — The Inspire Women’s event happened at Field in Columbus Thursday. It’s a leadership workshop for local women who want to better themselves.

Women from all walks of life gathered to hear presenters, participate in workshops and have group discussions all centered around inspiring women. The Inspire event was put on by Authenica, an Ohio organization that offers learning programs to help people grow both professionally and personally.

“So the idea today is for women to take pause to be able to reflect,” said Craig Lucas, founder of Authenica. “Here we are, post-pandemic, where we want them to think about whether or not they are on the path they want to be on or perhaps they are meant to be doing a little bit different.”

The theme was redefining wellness, and the Adaptive Sports Connection is a local organization that embodies it well. The organization helps people of all ages with disabilities through sports and physical activity.

“We especially want to inspire women of all diverse abilities to be able to redefine their wellness and that’s why we are here,” said Sharon Bucey, President & CEO of Adaptive Sports Connection.

Lucas said the Inspire events are all about surprises so there is no set itinerary. He says this keeps all the women in the moment and helps them get the most out of the experience.

“If you were to interview people coming out of the event, everyone has experienced the same event but the discoveries, the epiphanies are going to be unique to each based on their life experiences that they brought to the party,” Lucas said.

He added that he hoped everyone who attended was blown away by something they saw or heard Thursday.

“The idea through the events is to be able to take leaders beyond that of which they know about themselves through the power of experience,” Lucas said.

To learn more about Authenica and Adaptive Sports Connection, check out their websites.