COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — More than 7,000 people will soon hit the streets of downtown Columbus for the 2022 Komen Race for the Cure, helping to raise awareness for the men and women who are diagnosed with breast cancer. Women like Jamie Foltz. 

Foltz normally appears on NBC4 to advocate for pancreatic cancer awareness, as she did just weeks ago on Daytime Columbus

But now, she’s in her own cancer fight – and ready to take on breast cancer with positivity and purpose. 

“It was just the way she said it,” said Foltz. “[The doctor] said, ‘Hi, Jamie, this is Chris. Do you have some time to go over your pathology report?’ And instantly, you just knew. I just knew.”  

Cancer. It’s a word all too familiar to Foltz. 

“My grandmother was diagnosed with breast cancer at age 40. My mom was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer at 65,” said Foltz.  

And six weeks ago, Foltz was diagnosed with breast cancer at age 44. She learned about the diagnosis after going in for her yearly mammogram. 

“First feeling was, it was a sinking feeling in your stomach for sure. And it wasn’t something I was expecting. And so it caught me off guard,” said Foltz.  

But in typical Jamie Foltz fashion, she’s turning it into a positive. After all, that’s her job, as founder and publisher of The Giraffe Effect magazine. 

“It was kind of this massive leap of faith. I saw this sign and I actually just put it on a t-shirt because I loved it so much and it says, ‘I always wondered why somebody didn’t do something about that and then I realized I am somebody’. And that’s kind of my mantra. This idea that I can do something about it and I can try and bring a little bit more joy and happiness to the world,” said Foltz.  

And now, Foltz is on the receiving end of all that joy, being showered with love from friends and family, so she can focus on what matters most. 

“You don’t know what’s going to happen but that’s OK. And we should be prepared for that. And then, if things change, then we deal with it one step at a time and one day at a time,” said Foltz. “I have breast cancer. How can I use this to help other people make sure they get their mammograms, they get other cancer screenings, and they really focus on the things we can do so this doesn’t happen to anyone else.” 

Foltz will undergo a double mastectomy later this month, followed by reconstruction surgery. She remains positive through it all, as she gets ready to release the next issue of The Giraffe Magazine next month. 

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