COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — Buckeye football is back and that means big business for shops and restaurants around Ohio Stadium, with some saying this was a record-breaking weekend.

College Traditions spent Tuesday working to re-stock after the weekend, and Buckeye Donuts on N. High Street said businesses was non-stop for three days.

“Busiest weekend we’ve ever had in the history of Buckeye Donuts,” said Jimmy Barouxis, owner of Buckeye Donuts.

He estimates Saturday alone his team churned out more than 6,000 donuts. Barouxis said they started the marathon donut making Thursday before the game.

“Basically ran the kitchen hot which means we were continuously cutting and frying donuts cutting and frying until Sunday about 4pm is when we were done frying, making donuts,” he said.

Kelly Dawes with College Traditions said she sold out of buckeye necklaces, and ponchos were in high demand.

“Friday, Saturday, Sunday just was outstanding probably record breaking for us,” she said. “The last couple of years have definitely been challenging, but boy this week and weekend really made up for it — people were out in crowds, and we just had a great exciting weekend.”

Both Dawes and Barouxis have high hopes for the rest of the season with a long stretch of home games.

“This year there’s so much energy and momentum, especially being five home games in a row scheduled it’s just gonna be non-stop especially if the Buckeyes keep winning.”

The Bucks will be here at home for the next four games. The first away game will be Oct. 8 against Michigan State.