COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) – Columbus Mayor Andrew Ginther held a press conference on safety initiatives within 24 hours of when the city saw a string of four shootings.

Mayor Andrew Ginther was joined by Columbus Division of Police Chief Elaine Bryant and Department of Public Safety Director Robert Clark. Despite recent violence, Ginther and Bryant said their approach to violence prevention is showing results.

Bryant pointed to the latest homicide numbers in Columbus: So far this year, there have been 76 homicides, a 35% drop from this point last year. Bryant also said implemented initiatives have taken nearly 2,000 guns off the street just this year.

Still, Ginther says more can be done and is calling for a massive overhaul of when and where CPD officers are patrolling.

“One of the things the chief is going to be sharing here in the coming months is a reorganization of our department,” said Ginther. “We haven’t really redeployed and looked at reorganization of our services for about ten years. A lot has changed in ten years. We want to make sure we have the right officers at the right times in the right places around the community in addition to all the other investments and changes that we’re making.”

The city is also considering two new ordinances around late night activity. One involves food vendors and the second about noise. The city council is expected to take those up at a future meeting.

You can watch a replay of the news conference in the player above.