COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — As communities continue to dig out from this week’s winter storm, a group of teens in Linden are taking the time to help speed up the process.

“We love helping the elderly, man, just the community in general, to put a smile on their face is all the payment we need, for real,” said Jeffrey Baker Jr., a member of the Urban Scouts.

Baker, Silas Peck, and Rayvon Ivery are three teenagers from Linden who said they’ll do anything for their neighborhood.

“We’ll do your sidewalk if you need it done in the snow, and we do lawn care service, too,” Ivery said.

The trio is part of an organization called Urban Scouts, which provides Linden’s youth with activities and services to help their local community.

“It’s a good feeling to know that these guys come out, how cold it is, and can apply themselves, to help me out,” said Lloyd Hayles, owner of Ena’s Caribbean Kitchen, which he’s owned and operated for 22 years.

This week’s storm forced him to close for a few days, and at 72 years old, he simply couldn’t do all the cleanup himself.

“Everyone said they’d call us back,” Hayles said of contractors he contacted to help remove the snow and ice. “They never called us back.”

Except for these guys.

“The day started off rough, but seeing this made me smile,” said Miguel Geno Tucker, supervisor for the Urban Scouts.

Tucker is a lifelong resident of Linden and said he enjoys helping to raise the youth of his city, inspiring them into giving back.

“We’re here in Linden, a lot of times you only hear the negative,” he said. “So seeing some kids around the age range that you see all the negative, out here doing positive, is refreshing for the community and me as well.”

Hayles said he was grateful for the teens helping him out, promising next time they came by his restaurant, their meals would be on the house.