COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — It’s another hot week here in central Ohio and temperatures are only going to continue to rise. LifeCare Alliance wants to do its part and help residents stay cool.

LifeCare Alliance is bringing back their “Beat the Heat” fan distribution Wednesday, Aug. 23.

“We understand that having a fan can reduce the temperature in a house by up to 10 degrees,” LifeCare Chief Corporate and Communications Officer Claire Eastman said. “With the temperature being so ridiculously hot tomorrow, we want to see how many people we can help by providing fans to really cool down.”

So far this year, LifeCare Alliance has given away more than 1,500 fans. Wednesday is not the last fan distribution day, so Eastman adds that if you’d like to help out and donate, all you have to do is buy a new fan and drop it off at your local fire department.

The event takes place from 2-3 p.m. at 670 Harmon Ave. The fans are being distributed on a first-come, first-serve basis. All you have to do to get one is bring your photo ID with you and you’ll be given one. If you’re picking fans up for someone else, you’ll need to bring their photo IDs as well.

Now, fan distribution is not the only way LifeCare Alliance makes sure the residents stay cool and safe. LifeCare President and CEO Chuck Gehring said he keeps his drivers and volunteers informed about the symptoms of heat stroke and advises them to check on the clients as well.

“Many of our clients, and we learned this over the years, don’t have air conditioning in older homes, or they have it but can’t afford to turn the air conditioning on because of the bill price, they just can’t afford that,” Gehring said.

LifeCare’s Meals on Wheels drivers also carry fans in their cars should a client need one or two, a driver can get that set up for them. Gehring also encourages anyone with elderly neighbors to check on them during times like this.

“Many of our folks who are aged or have some medical challenges will not go out on their porch at night when it gets cooler because they’re afraid of falling, could be old steps or something like that,” he said. “So, if you can help your neighbor get out on the porch at night and have a cold glass of lemonade or water with them, you may change a life.”

For those who can’t make Wednesday’s fan event, LifeCare will hold other giveaways in the future. To learn more, call 614-437-2870.