COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH)–A late World War II veteran’s friends and family members are hoping the person or people who broke into his home return at least some of what they stole.

Dannie Michalzuk, a Navy veteran, was 95-years-old when he died on September 12.

Tracy Hunter, Michalzuk’s granddaughter, said her parents have been cleaning out his house, and late last week, they discovered someone had broken into the Athens Avenue home.

According to Hunter, a number of items had been stolen including Michalzuk’s Bronze Stars, which were in his shadow box.

“He loved those medals,” Hunter said. “He was so proud of everything that he did overseas, and it’s just gone now. I mean, we’ve still got all those memories, but we would have really liked to have those medals and put them on the wall.”

Hunter’s mother has filed a police report for the burglary, and police urge anyone with information to contact them.