COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) – COSI will be open for one final week before it takes its annual month-long hiatus for cleaning and reconfiguration this fall.

The Center of Science and Industry will go on a reset beginning September 4 which means there are only a few days remaining to see two of its most popular exhibits from the summer.

“Tutankhamun – His Tomb and his Treasures” offers visitors a once-in-a-lifetime insight into the archaeology of ancient Egypt. In this exhibit visitors can view exact replicas of items found in King Tut’s tomb and how the burial chambers and treasures of the tomb were discovered 100 years ago by Howard Carter.

Also ending this weekend is Nature’s Superheroes, an exhibit that explores the “superpowers” that some organisms have evolved to survive, even under extreme conditions, according to COSI. The exhibit includes a deep dive into how giant mammals can survive for hours without breathing, a look into bizarre mating serenades and an ultra-tough species that seems almost indestructible. One can also dare to inhale the not-so-sweet smell of a corpse flower.

COSI will reopen October 4th. Upon it’s return, the museum will open its doors to a new Barbie exhibit, “Barbie You Can Be Anything: The Experience” on Oct. 4, and “Creatures of Light: Nature’s Bioluminescence” on Oct. 14.

In the meantime, NBC4 will continue to air “Connecting with COSI” segments every Sunday and the COSI Connects website will offer all kinds of projects at home for kids and adults.