COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) – A community is in mourning after the loss of three young lives Tuesday night, and neighbors said they’re frustrated violence in Columbus is hitting so close to home.

Neighbors said the area – an apartment complex in the southeastern portion of the city near Canal Winchester – is a relatively quiet and seemingly safe neighborhood, but they added the violence and tragedy of the last year is touching all parts of the community.

“It’s a horrible feeling,” said resident Dawn Williams. “It’s close to home, but not just that. Young lives were lost. Mainly, that’s the biggest thing right there.”

Williams lives behind the apartment complex where police said three lives — 9-year-old Demetrius  Wall-Neal, 6-year-old Londynn Wall-Neal, and 22-year-old Charles Wade – were lost Tuesday night.

“Those could be my two babies,” she said. “Those could be my nieces and nephews. Those are lives. Those are innocent lives that had no choice, no chance in life yet.”

Williams, a mother of two, was born and raised in Columbus. Now living near Canal Winchester, she said she’s devastated, but not necessarily surprised to see the violence plaguing the community creep into her quiet neighborhood.

“It’s happening everywhere — the quiet neighborhoods, the rough neighborhoods,” she said. “It doesn’t matter anymore. The trouble is going to come.”

Williams hopes the tragedy can be a wake-up call for those neighborhoods to pull together and stand up against violence.

“I just pray they find the people, I hope the family gets the support they need,” Williams said. “I pray for this community and we can move forward.”