COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — Kids will get a Christmas wish filled thanks to the Adopt-A-Family program that helps children of incarcerated parents.

About 50 children have gifts so far, but there are 40 who still need to be adopted, said Tim Richardson, who founded the project run by the Urban Minority Alcohol Drug Abuse Outreach Program.

“We are at 110 kids,” Richardson said. “Last year we served 75-78 kids, and this year we added — through our partnership with the Welcome Home foundation — we are also going to give them a food box.”

Each child who receives a Christmas gift from the Adopt-a-Family program opens it in a moment to themselves under the tree, with a picture of them and the gift.

The gift is capped at $75 to $100, said Tammy Doby, Executive Director of the foundation who oversees all of UMADAOP’s programs.

“To have a mom and dad that is incarcerated is a huge gap,” Doby said. “We feel we are bridging that gap by letting people know that, ‘Hey, somebody still loves you,’ even though mom and dad may be not there.”

Richardson saw the need for the project after personal experience.

“Me myself being a restored citizen being incarcerated before, I could see that this was a dire need,” he said. “I brought that with me imprinted on my heart. It’s giving back and like, let them know there’s somebody out there thinking about your child, and I brought it out here for them.”

To adopt a family, contact Tim Richardson or call 614-227-9694. Drop off donations Monday through Friday at 65 Parsons Avenue, or make a secure financial donation.