COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — A Columbus family was left shaken after a four-year-old-boy playing in a parking lot near his home died when a car drove around the grass corner and hit him.

Columbus Police say Jarsi Hafini, 4, was riding a tricycle in a parking lot near his home on Donnylane Boulevard on Thursday afternoon when a car drove around a grass corner at a high speed and hit him.

Family members of Hafini said the boy’s father was outside when the accident happened.

Family members said the driver was a neighbor. As soon as the boy was hit, the driver grabbed the child and his father, and rushed them both to Riverside Hospital.

The boy was pronounced dead at 12:53pm, police said.

The uncle of the child said the boy’s parents are absolutely devastated, and this was the last thing they expected to happen this morning.

“He was very friendly, and he was always playing with kids,” Jalili said. “He was kind of friendly to everybody you know.”

CPD Public Information Officer Sgt. James Fuqua said the driver is in custody for questioning.

“Right now, we are still unclear about that,” Fuqua said. “Detectives have him at headquarters and are speaking with that driver to determine based on the information that they have on scene and the initial information that they have to figure out if there are going to be any charges.”

At this point he has not been charged. Fuqua said this is an ongoing investigation.