COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — A fast food chain with roots in Columbus might be launching new pumpkin spice flavored menu items this fall.

Dublin-based Wendy’s is rumored to be releasing a limited-time-only pumpkin spice Frosty and cold brew beginning next month, with reports teasing an official launch date of Sept. 12. While the chain did not disclose to NBC4 if it is developing new menu items, Wendy’s said it is “always looking to spice things up on the Frosty front.”

Speculation began after an alleged Wendy’s employee posted on Reddit this month that locations are beginning preparations for new pumpkin spice items. In the post’s comments, the alleged employee claims the new Frosty will be a limited-time offer launching in early September and available at Wendy’s locations nationwide.

“Just got told by my [general manager] today that we are getting Pumpkin Spice for the fall frosty,” the post reads. “Also for the coffee, but didn’t clarify if for the hot coffee or cold brew.”

Markie Devo, a New York-based food blogger, also claimed in an Aug. 4 Instagram post that Wendy’s is set to debut a pumpkin spice Frosty and cold brew on Sept. 12 nationwide. Devo said Wendy’s stores will begin selling pumpkin spice Frosty only after the ingredients for the strawberry Frosty have run out, so some locations may offer the Frosty sooner than others.

“Wendy’s wants to set off the fall mood with this new pumpkin spice flavor,” Devo wrote. “The vanilla Frosty will act as the base alongside the new pumpkin mix.”

If true, Wendy’s will be joining chains like Starbucks and Dunkin by offering pumpkin spice flavored items for the fall. Pumpkin spice lattes are back at Dunkin beginning on Tuesday, while the popular drink returns to Starbucks on Aug. 24.

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