COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — For major online retailer like Amazon, the holiday alarms are sounding just one week before Christmas.

“It’s a fun time. I mean ‘peak,’ peak is our Super Bowl, right?” asks Amazon’s Garrett Deore rhetorically, as associates scramble to load delivery vans behind him.

Deore is the site leader at Amazon’s Columbus Delivery Station on Lockbourne Rd. More than 50,000 packages will leave Deore’s facility every single day in the lead-up to the holidays.

“We get line hauls from the sort center, the FC (fulfillment center), they come here and then they get sorted and put on the vans that actually go to your house or your business,” Deore explains.

Millions of shoppers will place orders on Amazon throughout the holiday period, but for central Ohioans, how does that order go from a mouse click to your front door?

“These are all customers orders in real time. So, it’s telling me that a customer needs this within the next couple of hours to be shipped out,” explains Angelia Lewis, an associate at Amazon’s Fulfillment Center in West Jefferson.

Once the customer’s order is placed, it immediately drops into their system.

“Our robotic drives you see behind me, will bring that item to what’s called one of our ‘pickers,’ explains Jesse Batarseh, the facility’s Director of Operations.

Those pickers like Lewis drop the orders in one of several yellow totes, then send the off to packed and shipped out.

“So, I’m reading the screen from left to right. It’s telling me where to go, how many to pick, and what the item looks like,” Lewis explains as she races to fill her totes. “It’s hectic, but we get through it.”

With tens-of-millions of items on hand, Amazon uses past purchases and future projections to stock the most popular local items.

“We can store upwards of 30 million units here of inventory, so we want to store regionally, based on what customers local in central Ohio buy and order,” explains Batarseh.

“This is the singles side. We generally pack one at a time for our customers to make it more easy, smoother. One package, one item at a time,” explains Joseph Walden, who packages gifts at West Jefferson’s Fulfillment Center.

Within hours, that package and thousands more are making their way through miles of conveyance across the street.

The sort center makes sure all the orders that have been fulfilled, arrive at the proper delivery stations.

But it’s not all robotics and automation that make that happen.

“We have a lot of manual processes that the associates can actually manually process those packages, and we get them out on time for the customer,” explains Bret Kresak, the General Manager of the Sort Center.

And for this self-labeled customer-obsessed company, no manual process will stop them from getting a package delivered on time.

“One of my peers a few years had overheard a conversation with a customer while they were pumping gas at a gas station,” Kresak explains. “They connected with the right facility, they were able to find that package, and drove up to 300 miles to make sure their grandson had that package for Christmas Day.”

When the alarm sounds on Lockbourne Rd., that means drivers have 20-minutes to load the back of vans before they head out for delivery.

“I think it’s exciting. Because it kind of feels like your kind of giving the holidays to people,” smiles Nicholas Krack, who helps load packages for delivers on the back of vans.

While we tour the facilities, what looks like organized chaos, is a nearly perfectly streamlined operation.

“It might be you actually waiting for a package one day. And time matters, as you know,” Walden emphasizes.

They say, to make sure there’s nothing but smiles for central Ohioans this holiday season.