COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — The technology job boom for central Ohio is getting bigger.  

Hyperion, a hydrogen-electric tech and transportation company, announced Tuesday that it will be bringing its global headquarters to the west side of Columbus, following Intel’s lead in setting up shop in central Ohio.

City leaders said the project will have an impact across the board. According to Columbus Mayor Andrew Ginther, Hyperion’s move will constitute the largest manufacturing project within city limits in a decade.

Hyperion CEO Angelo Kafantaris, an Ohio native, said Hyperion started in Columbus, but the company was working in southern California for the last several years.

“Columbus had the perfect blend — because it’s so diverse, from the tech resources and for the manufacturing base,” Kafantaris said. “There was no decision other than Columbus that could be made after doing our research.”

The tech company said the new facility will create 700 jobs.

Hyperion will take over a west side building, the former home of the Columbus Dispatch’s print and production plant, which has been vacant for the last two years.

“Huge deal. This is the largest manufacturing investment here in the city in the last decade,” said Ginther, adding this will not only benefit the west side, but provide opportunities for all citizens.

“In total, we anticipate Hyperion will invest nearly $300 million in this site and $60 million in annual payroll for the Columbus employees,” he said.

Leaders said the opportunities presented by Hyperion’s relocation are not just tech jobs.

“These are also good-paying, blue-collar jobs,” said Columbus City Council Member Nick Bankston. “233 jobs in manufacturing with an estimated salary of $61,000. 41 jobs projected for warehouse employees at $75,000.”

Kafantaris said the location is perfect not just because of the factory space, but also opportunity to grow the footprint.

“We are making fuel cell packs here,” he said. “So, we have a new product we’ll be releasing in the coming weeks, it’ll be more in tune to that. And the vehicle itself — a majority of the vehicle will be built here.”

Hyperion plans to kick off manufacturing in 2023.