COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — Former President Donald Trump announced his support for Governor Mike DeWine and Lieutenant Governor Jon Husted just 62 days before Ohio’s midterm election.

Trump not only has endorsed DeWine and Husted, but has planned a trip to Ohio to rally with U.S. Senate Candidate J.D. Vance. Strategists said the fact that Trump is involved with Ohio politics is not shocking, but his DeWine endorsement was not entirely expected.

“It’s hard to understand Trump’s endorsement of DeWine,” Democratic strategist Dale Butland said. “About the only thing they agree on is women should not have the right to choose.”

“Whether Governor DeWine and Lieutenant Governor Husted wanted that endorsement is another story,” Republican Strategist Matt Dole said. “Because it just made for an easy hit, not necessarily effective, but an easy hit from Nan Whaley.”

In a statement, Whaley said: “It’s been clear for years that Governor Mike DeWine goes whichever way the political winds blow, looking out solely for himself regardless of what’s best for our state. After avoiding being seen with Trump for years, he’s happy to take his endorsement now that he needs it. DeWine might not want to say what he stands for, but we’re more than happy to tell the truth to Ohio voters: he’ll ban all abortion, make our communities less safe, and sell out working families for corrupt, special interests.”

In Trump’s endorsement announcement, he says DeWine ‘quietly, but professionally and patriotically goes about doing his job, and really well.’

“A lot of people who I think identify as Trump supporters are lukewarm on Governor DeWine mostly because of the governor’s COVID response.” Dole said. “Which was moderate but still upset a lot of people. So, it’s interesting to see whether Trump can rally those people towards Governor DeWine’s cause.”

Dole said he does not think a Trump endorsement can hurt DeWine and Husted because he says in 2022, in Ohio, Trump continues to have a positive influence for the Republican base.

“It’s probably outsized in Ohio as well,” Dole said. “He was very popular here and has a lot of supporters, so I’m not surprised he continues to be influential.”

NBC4 reached out to DeWine’s campaign for a statement, but they directed me to this tweet, where DeWine said he, and Husted, are grateful for the former president’s support.

“Mike DeWine says that he doesn’t support Trump on a lot of this stuff and yet he tweets out that he’s grateful for his support,” Butland said. “It’s a perfect marriage of hypocrisy and opportunism.”

“DeWine and President Trump have not always been close, but Trump can read the tea-leaves and is going to support the Republican in the race,” Dole said.

Trump did not endorse an Ohio gubernatorial candidate before the primary in May.

“I think Ohioans are pretty smart and I don’t think they need a former president or anyone else to tell them how to vote,” Butland said.

“A lot of people have their mind made up already about Mike DeWine,” Dole said. “So, I’m not sure the president’s endorsement changes that materially.”