COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) – Many homeowners across central Ohio are enduring record-high heat along with power outages.

“We’re averaging 12 to 24 hour response time,” said Todd Shepherd, heating and cooling manager with Waterworks.

Since early this morning, Shepherd has gone from house to house inspecting air conditioning units. He said with the high heat causing power outages throughout central Ohio, those without A.C. need to take action.

“The biggest thing you can do without power is make sure you keep all your blinds closed. If you have a battery-operated fan or a portable fan, that will help tremendously,” Shepherd said.

If your air conditioning is working, Shepherd said to make sure you maintain it by removing all debris and leaves from the outdoor unit and replacing your air filter as soon as possible.

“Keep your filter clean on the inside, run your fan continuously on your thermostat, that’s going to help keep the air a lot more circulated, and equally heated and cooled throughout the house,” he said.

Meanwhile, when it comes to keeping your body temperature cool, doctors said don’t expect a fan to do all the work.

“Just sitting in a hot house with a fan on you can really be not sufficient in keeping your body cool,” said Dr. Mark Conroy, an emergency medicine physician with Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center.

Conroy said for elderly patients, having a working air conditioner is crucial because airflow from a fan won’t be enough. He also advises people to watch for symptoms of heat stroke or heat exhaustion.

“Your core body temperature starts increasing as you get exposed to prolonged periods of heat, and you can develop nausea, you can develop lightheadedness,” Conroy said.