COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — It’s almost time for kickoff! The first game of the season in Ohio Stadium is a top-five showdown, which means tickets are few and far between, and whatever’s left will come at a cost.

That, according to the Better Business Bureau of Central Ohio, is something scammers are banking on.

“Unfortunately, scammers are really good at using any kind of major event, like the popularity of OSU football, as an angle to take advantage of consumers,” said BBB of Central Ohio President Judy Dollison.

Scammers take advantage of consumers by selling you a ticket that doesn’t exist and then run off with your money. Dollison said it’s easier for fraudsters to get away with it now that tickets have gone digital.

“It’s become really hard to discern the difference between a fake ticket and a real ticket,” Dollison said.

So, if you’re trying to buy, make sure the tickets include the block, row, and seat details. And consider your source.

“There’s a difference between a professional ticket broker, who’s a legitimate reseller, a ticket scalper, who may have a ticket to sell but it’s not a regulated or licensed seller, and then someone who’s just out to scam you,” said Dollison.

Do your research, too. When searching for tickets online, don’t click on just any link.

“Scammers are really good about setting up fake websites that look very legitimate,” said Dollison. “So, you click on an ad, you go to a website, it looks like a legitimate ticket seller. Be careful, because they may not be.”

Never feel pressured to jump on the “deal of a lifetime.”

“Scammers really like to encourage you by saying, ‘Oh, there’s only one left,’ or ‘You gotta act immediately.’ So, they instill that sense of, ‘I have to act or I’m going to lose this opportunity.’ It’s really, the best defense is a good offense,” Dollison said.

If you decide to make a purchase, whatever the price, the BBB recommended using a credit card. Never use peer-to-peer payment methods like Venmo or Zelle, because there’s little recourse to get your money back on those platforms if the ticket is a fake. Credit cards offer more protection and options to dispute charges, if it comes to that.