COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — For the first time in a few weeks, there is no Ohio State football this Saturday. For many, that frees up the day for errands or yard work – but for others, a buckeye bye week means something a little different.

“Growing up in Columbus we’ve always been going tailgating or going down to campus for football games,” owner of Petal and Pop Co. Kristina Ortiz said.

But Saturdays have taken on a bit of a different meaning for this central Ohio native.

“To be honest growing up I never thought this was a thing,” Ortiz said. “But now that I work in event and wedding planning I can see how it can be a big deal.”

That big deal she’s referring to? The often-complex task of navigating planning a wedding while keeping Ohio State’s football schedule in mind. 

“The Ohio State football season really plays a part in that,” Ortiz said. “I have some brides that got married over the summer want to compete with home or away games.”

Ortiz said in her experience a lull in the scarlet in gray schedule means their guests are more likely to attend and do so a little less distracted.

“They don’t have to worry about their guests either declining or focused on the game, just the wedding,” Ortiz said. 

And she said they often avoid some of the other challenges that come with an OSU home game.

“Bus rentals, the prices can increase and then like traffic,” Oritz said. “I have some brides that have blocks up here in Dublin and weddings downtown and then just getting back and forth on game days and ensuring we still have on-time arrivals, departures, etc.”

But not every couple is lucky enough to secure a prized bye week date. Ortiz’s client, a Buckeye turned bride Lindsey Swimm, didn’t realize her December 2023 wedding would coincide with the Big 10 game. 

She said quickly after sharing the date with her guests, big questions began flying.

“We’ve already had people ask will the TV be on during your wedding… and I’m like yeah lets do it,” Swimm said.

While Swimm and her fiancé will not bye week newlyweds, she said there’s something special of sharing your big day with the biggest thing in town.

“We’re from Columbus, we’re from Ohio. Hopefully it’s a game day,” Swimm said. “And I hope my wedding is the best day in more ways than one.”