COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — For some, homeownership may feel like an unattainable dream. For others who may want to make homeownership a reality, they may be unsure where to start. 

A partnership between St Stephen’s Community House and Newark-based Park National Bank is working to make homeownership a reality.

Nestled inside St. Stephens Community House on 17th Avenue is the Linden Home Lending Center. Those with both agencies said while people can’t cash a check or make a deposit at the location, they can receive valuable information.

“Sometimes the aspect of homeownership is a far reach that maybe we need to start with the basics of understanding,” Allan Hill, community home lender with Park National Bank, said. “Maybe that’s easy access to financial education and financial literacy or maybe that be a secured credit card or an auto loan or things like that.”

Hill and his partner, St Stephen’s Community House CEO Marilyn Mehaffie, said the placement of this lending center is strategic. Financial literacy and, later, homeownership both serve as gateways to generational wealth.

“Generational wealth is so important here in Linden, and a lot of people don’t see that as an aspect of where they can get to it,” Mehaffie said.

Community lenders are on hand to provide information on what it takes to become a homeowner and how to begin the process.

“Home ownership is not only just the hallmark of having a place to live; it is stability,” Hill said.

For more information on the Linden Home Lending Center, click here.