COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — One central Ohio school is expanding access to Black history be ensuring African American culture and history is included in the curriculum.

At Columbus Africentric Early College, students begin learning Black history lessons in kindergarten. Each quarter, the students learn a new period history.

“It’s important for students to know their culture,” said history teacher Roma Johnson. “But not only students that are African American but students of other races as well. There’s so much for students to learn, throughout the year, that can’t be taught in just one month.”

Johnson is in charge of the program for teaching the curriculum that’s been taught for the past five years. Lessons begin in Africa with ancient civilizations in quarter one and end with the Civil Rights movement in quarter four. As they move up in school – the curriculum goes more in depth each year.

“It’s important because American history is Black history,” said Johnson. She said she is proud watching her students have fun and embrace what their learning.

“Black history is important to be because it’s my history,” said 3rd grader Taylor Dancey.

Throughout the year, students participate in projects and events that help them apply what their learning. Johnson said it’s important to keep students engaged and having fun.

“I’m definitely proud especially when my parents write me and they go are they learning about Zora Neale Hurston or are they learning about the Great Migration?” she said. “So not only are the students learning it at school but they’re taking it back home and teaching their families as well.”

“It’s important for me to pass down the history of what I learned to my kids,” said 5th grader Zain Anglate.