COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) – Storms wreaked havoc across Ohio Wednesday night and some areas faced tornado warnings as well.

Hocking County was one of those places which had a tornado warning had a busy day of clean up Thursday. There have been a lot of down trees and a lot of debris, especially down some of the roads that are heavily wooded like Goose Creek Road.

Crews have been out clearing the roads, but there are folks who have work to do around the homes as well. Tylor Reid says he’s thankful for his neighbors following Wednesday night’s storm.

“I think when it was hitting all the branches it sounded like cracks of thunder it was like ch, ch, ch it was huge,” he said.

He says all his neighbors banded together to help after tree crashed into his home after the storm had passed, helping clear the larger pieces of debris.

“I was I worried that it came through the house because dads sitting right there where the tree hit. If it would have been a little bit bigger up at the top it would have definitely.”

Trees down near homes and on roads. It was an all too familiar sight for David Sheets with the Hocking County Engineer’s Office.

“We’ve been all morning cleaning up and we were out last night closing roads and trying to keep people away from the damage.”

Sheets says they were able to clear parts of Goose Creek road Thursday morning. They’re following the power crews who have been tackling down lines.

“If they’re pretty quick with getting their lines up, we should be pretty well caught up by tomorrow — if not by the first of next week.”

Reid says he’s thankful his family is safe. “It just sounded like it came through the house.”

A lot of people NBC 4 spoke with say they’re feeling pretty lucky about the power situation, that they had power back in the morning despite all the damage.

You can see the latest power outages for the area here.