COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) – A hit-and-run victim is determined to find the person responsible for crashing into him.

It’s been just over two months since Dalton Hatfield was riding his bike home from work and got hit from behind.

Since the crash, he said he’s gone to almost every business in the area to find video evidence.

There was on community camera that caught the incident on video. Hatfield said when he watches that video, he can’t believe he is alive.

Hatfield said he always rides his e-bike home from work. On July 24, he said he left work a little late.

“There was pretty much no one on the road,” Hatfield said.

It was around 10:20 p.m. He said he was riding past the Convention Center on North High Street.

“I hear a car behind me, and I notice that I’m not hearing it kind of slow down or rev down. I actually hear it rev up,” Hatfield said.

Next thing he remembers, he was flying through the air.

“I just remember the only thing that went through my head really was that like to make sure I didn’t get hit by another car that was coming. I think obviously I was like, try to land on your feet and don’t hit your head,” Hatfield said.

He said people came immediately to help, including those inside nearby businesses. He said Columbus Police arrived and then he was taken to the hospital.

“So, I was kind of considered in critical care. They didn’t know what was wrong with me,” Hatfield said. “Throughout that night is when it really started. I couldn’t even, like, move, you know, side to side. I was pretty much flat in the hospital for two, three days.”

Hatfield had to take weeks off work. He is still not able to return to his second job due to his injuries. At the time of the crash, he said he had all of his work equipment in his backpack, so that was all damaged too.

He said he set his mind to finding the person responsible.

“I did as much as I could. I made spreadsheets of, you know, businesses that had cameras and everything that I could do,” Hatfield said.

Hatfield said he feels like Columbus Police were not doing the same. Now it’s been two months.

“The thing that surprised me was on the police report, they had said that there were no witnesses,” Hatfield said. “I understand, you know, the gun violence, all of this kind of stuff. But when you have something like this where, you know, it was a pretty brutal accident and, you know, you have the person doing all the legwork for you.”

Columbus Police say their accident investigation team is still looking into this case.

Hatfield said all he wants is to find the driver and go back to his normal life.

“I would just like to see them held accountable. You know, I’m in a position now where, you know, my earning capacity and my income right now is cut in more than half. You know, I’m stuck with medical bills,” Hatfield said.

Columbus Police also say every hit-and-run circumstance is different.

One challenge they face is being able to prove who actually was behind the wheel at the time of the crash.