COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — A federal judge will decide whether former Franklin County deputy Jason Meade will stand trial for the murder of Casey Goodson Jr. in federal or state court.

Judge Edmund Sargus listened to testimony and arguments Friday and said he will deliver a written decision within the next week.

Watch: Jason Meade enters federal court

The issue at hand is whether Meade was acting in his capacity as a deputy marshal or a sheriff’s deputy when he pursued and fatally shot Goodson in December 2020. It’s the same issue that was publicly debated between Marshal Peter Tobin and Sheriff Dallas Baldwin a week after the shooting.

The first 90 minutes of testimony came from Columbus Police Officer Ryan Rosser, a fellow member of a marshal’s federal fugitive taskforce operating that day in north Columbus.

The defense called Rosser to testify on typical functions of the taskforce, such as its equipment supplier and chain of command. Rosser said the taskforce had wrapped up its operation when Meade allegedly saw Casey Goodson in his car with a gun.

But on cross examination, Rosser testified that had Goodson been arrested and not killed, any charges would have been filed under Meade’s authority as a deputy and been state charges.

Rosser testified as to the moment leading up to the shooting, but not what happened during the shooting itself.

A deputy marshal also testified, called to the stand by the prosecution.

Goodson was shot from behind multiple times at the doorstep of his grandmother’s house. Meade has said through his attorney that Goodson was disobeying orders to lower a weapon when the shooting occurred. Family members have countered that Goodson had sandwiches and keys in his hands at the time. 

Meade has been indicted in Franklin County on two counts of murder and one count of reckless homicide.