COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) – Many central Ohioans are getting a glimpse of the first significant snowfall of the year Sunday, taking the pre-storm opportunity to hit their local hardware store to get prepared for the evening storm.

A spokesman for Schreiner Ace Hardware said the business knew the snow would eventually come, and now that it has, it can confidently say it’ll have enough supplies for anyone who comes through the doors.

“I have to say we’re excited to see the first snow come in, first time this year,” said Michael Lynch, operations director for Schreiner Ace Hardware.

Customers stocked up on gloves, tools, shovels, ice melt, and other winter storm essentials.

“We’re always prepared and ready for you,” Lynch said.

With the first measurable snowstorm coming later in the winter season, Schreiner has had no issues keeping its shelves stocked.

“Snow is so hard to predict,” Lynch said. “We sort of go off the idea that we’re going to get snow, so we had a full truck that came in October and now another truck of ice melt three days ago.”

Lynch said while the COVID-19 supply chain issues haven’t significantly affected the shop, there have been some hiccups.

“Luckily not with ice melt or shovels,” he said. “With other stuff, we definitely have. Just like everybody else. We’ve been doing everything we can to stock our shelves.”

Lynch added that while things can always change, he’s confident customers can go to any of the four Schreiner Ace Hardware stores in the area and find what they need.