LANCASTER, Ohio (WCMH) — After struggling to hear his family, teacher and friends, an 8-year-old boy is receiving the gift of sound. Treigh Mullins has struggled with his hearing but that’s all about to change today.

Treigh was gifted hearing aids thanks to the Miracle Ear Foundation. It’s given him new opportunities to succeed in school and for the first time in years, feel like a normal kid again.

When Treigh was asked what he was most excited for, he replied; “to hear everything.”

Treigh’s mom, Shalynn, had some suspicions that something was wrong with his hearing.

“He failed two of his hearing tests in school and then he also failed two of his hearing tests by his doctor. That’s when we were like, ‘okay we need to get him to the ENT,’” said Shalynn McCafferty, Treighs mom. “I Knew he was hard of hearing but I didn’t know it was that hard of hearing. It took me by surprise.”

An MRI confirmed that Treigh had moderate to severe hearing loss due to inner ear nerve damage.

“Before I knew the whole situation I would get frustrated thinking he was just ignoring me just to ignore me, but that wasn’t the case at all. He just really could not hear me,” said McCafferty.

Today, that all changed, thanks to the Miracle Ear Foundation. A foundation that has helped 24,000 people across the nation, hear clearly again.

“I was able to give him the gift of sound through the Miracle Ear Foundation program,” said hearing care specialist at Lancaster Miracle Ear, Alexia Malone. “Everyone deserves to hear the best they possibly can.”

McCafferty said that Alexia is the sweetest, “especially for him, he loves her. He calls her the nice lady that helps him hear.”

Malone said that due to Treigh’s young age, his brain is still a sponge and he’s still learning what “normal” is.

“He could’ve had a hearing loss from birth and then just finding out and mom’s realizing he can’t hear. Failing two school hearing tests, that’s pretty severe and being able to be put in the front of the classroom and being made to feel like he had a disability. It’s never good to feel like you’re not normal and being able to give him this to make him feel normal is also very special,” Malone said.

Treigh and his mom are thankful for this opportunity. Other Lancaster-area residents can also receive the “gift of sound,” just visit Miracle Ear Foundation.