COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — The hit show “Hairspray” opens tonight at the Ohio Theatre and Columbus’s own Andrew Levitt, also known as Nina West, will be taking the stage as “Edna Turnblad”.

“It’s really overwhelming. I cannot even put the right words to how emotionally overwhelmed I am by this experience. And to bring it home, all this work now, to Columbus, Ohio is really exciting,” said Andrew.

A reunion a year in the making that Andrew is admittedly a little nervous about.

“And I’m so worried I’m going to drop a line. So, if I drop a line, remember friends, it’s live theater. That might happen,” said Andrew. “But of course, I’m nervous. I know for the 8 shows that I’m going to be doing here, I know that people from all aspects of my life are coming.”

As incredible as Andrew’s run in “Hairspray” is, that’s not the only project he is currently working on. From a children’s book to appearing in a feature film, the past year has been a whirlwind.  

 “I really do like to work. I really believe in creating good work. And so, I believe in chasing after dreams and opportunities.” said Andrew.

To hear more from Andrew about bringing “Hairspray” home, his other projects, plus his advice to anyone with a dream, you can watch a full interview in the video player below.