COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) – A student’s explanation for why he was late to school Tuesday sent Columbus police officers to an area high school.

As staff at Whetstone High School stopped the student when he showed up late, he joked that it was because another student was showing him a handgun, according to the Columbus Division of Police. After he said that, staff took both of the students involved to the school’s security office. After searching the mentioned student’s backpack, the security officer at Whetstone found a loaded handgun with three rounds inside.

A detective who came to the school interviewed the student, who admitted he brought the handgun inside Whetstone High School, according to CPD. Police took the student into custody, but did not say what charges he faced. Officers did not take any action against the student who made the joke about why he was late.

This was one of three different incidents on Tuesday where guns showed up at high schools in central Ohio. In the second at Canal Winchester High School, deputies arrested a female student. A third came after school staff and security saw another Columbus high school student posting photos with a gun on social media.

NBC4 does not name juvenile crime suspects unless they are being charged as an adult, or police are actively looking for them.