COLUMBUS (WCMH) — Due to the recent spike in violence and homicides in Columbus, a group of grieving parents started a special support network called Mothers of Murdered Columbus Children.

Members of the group along with supporters gathered Saturday for a community demonstration at Roosevelt Park on Lockbourne Road to raise awareness for proactive violence prevention.

Organizers said they’re trying to save our city one zip code at a time by providing free food, a DJ spinning tunes, toy giveaways for kids, and resources for those impacted by gun violence.

Supporters said it’s nice to come together to promote community unity as they mourn the loss of their loved ones.

“There’s way too many shootings and killings and we think it starts at home,” said supporter Dan Cunningham. “We got to get out of this idea that it’s OK to fight all the time and fuss and argue and it doesn’t seem like anyone can walk away from a confrontation.”

Supporters hope by creating more community events to take a stand against gun violence, they make a difference and reduce the number of homicides in Columbus.