COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — A band wants to give the gift of music to others with donations ahead of their charity concert.

Known as “central Ohio’s premiere mountain rock show,” bluegrass band Grassinine is gearing up for a performance Saturday at Woodlands Tavern. It’s a benefit concert for Music Columbus, a nonprofit formerly known as the Columbus Music Commission.

Grassinine and Music Columbus are hoping proceeds and donations from the band’s performance will go towards making the city the capital of the Midwest. Its initiatives include encouraging young children to try an instrument and helping young adults learn skills for a career in the music industry.

“This year we are launching a program called the ‘Better Together Music Career Incubator,’” said Bruce Garfield, the executive director for Music Columbus. “We’ll give real assets and instruction to young budding musicians who are probably just stepping out of their dad’s garage.”

Patrons of the benefit concert are also in for a treat, according to Grassinine member Jamie Davis.

“The fun part is how long for people it takes to generally understand what they’re listening to,” Davis said. “So, we just do our arrangements. We’re a fairly creative group and we’ll be inspired by something and just put our little spin on it.”

While Grassinine’s benefit concert was sold out as of Thursday, the band and Music Columbus are still hoping for tax-deductible donations. They asked anyone interested in helping to fund local music to visit the Music Columbus website.