COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — A nonprofit based in Columbus’ Weiland Park neighborhood just received a grant that will help in its goal of building a larger space.

Zora’s House is a center that works to provide women of color with resources for professional and self development as well as a space for interpersonal connection.

A plot of land at the corner of 4th and 8th streets may not look like much now, but staff members and volunteers with Zora’s House said they are counting down the days until the land morphs into the organization’s new center, and a new grant is helping in reaching that goal.

The $300,000 grant is from Campus Partners and will make the dream of a new building five times larger than its current Summit Street location a reality.

Staff members said the organization quickly outgrew its 2,000-square-foot space and the growing pains have forced it to put a cap on the number of participants allowed and the number of programs it can offer.

Although the cost of the new project is an estimated $6 million, the women of Zora’s House said this grant is putting them on track to fulfill a growing need.

“Zora’s house is pretty much the first and the only right now and, specifically looking at Franklin County, women of color are the fastest growing population,” said Zora’s House Development Director Tamaliyapo Mphande. “We have a lot of different experienced women from different professions and races and ethnicities that all have needs that aren’t necessarily being met in their workplaces or in other communities, so again, once we opened, the demand was so high because so many women had never had something like this.”

The organization also received a grant of about $500,000 from the city back in April. Staff members said they’re hoping for a January 2023 groundbreaking with the new center opening in 2024.