COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) — A judge has agreed to delay the wrongful death lawsuit filed by the family of Casey Goodson Jr. against the Ohio sheriff’s deputy who fatally shot him in December of 2020.

Federal Judge Michael Watson sided with attorneys for Jason Meade and the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office, who wanted the lawsuit pushed back until after the criminal case against Meade is over.

Watson said Monday that Meade has a strong interest in defending himself against a murder charge rather than attending to both the criminal case and civil lawsuit at the same time.

Meade has pleaded not guilty to murder and reckless homicide charges.

Goodson’s family claims he was on his way into his grandmother’s house carrying a bag of sandwiches when he was shot in the back by Meade.

Meade’s attorney claims Goodson drove by a scene Meade was working and waved a gun at the deputy, who was working special duty with the U.S. Marshall’s office just before the shooting.

Goodson’s family said Casey Goodson Jr. had a valid concealed carry permit at the time.

The Franklin County Coroner’s Office said Goodson was shot five times in the back and once in the buttocks, ruling his death a homicide.