COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — Central Ohioans with a passion for powerful glutes have a new home in Columbus.

Dubbed one of the first glute-focused gyms in Ohio, Peach Haus is the latest business to open on North Fourth Street in Italian Village. Its owner Molly Lyons hopes the studio — where there are “no ifs, just good butts” — will attract fitness fanatics and foes alike looking to gain glute muscles.

“We jokingly say, ‘If we’re opening a booty gym, we have to have a sense of humor,’” Lyons said.

Peach Haus will offer a series of aptly-named individual and group classes designed to strengthen the glutes while demystifying scary gym equipment, Lyons said, including The Booty Basics, All About the Buns, Total Body Balance and Bootycamp Training.

While the boutique gym is open to all genders, Lyons said she hopes it can be a space where women, in particular, can workout without intimidation and learn to use gym equipment that often resembles “torture devices,” she said.

“We do have personal trainers if someone still feels a little intimidated in that group setting, even though we’re gonna hold their hands through everything,” Lyons said. “Some people want a little more hand-holding, so we have that option as well.”

Peach Haus, located at 1046 N. Fourth St., will hold its grand opening from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Saturday.