COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — The former Giant Eagle site near German Village is now marked by a giant hole after the supermarket’s demolition, the latest step in creating a development planned by the Pizzutti company.

The project is going ahead, but not without pushback from the neighborhood.

“Trash cans, two-way traffic, 262 vehicles going in and out of the apartment — it doesn’t make sense,” said John Clark, who is a writer, German Village tour guide and a member of Neighborhoods for Responsible Development.

“While Pizzuti continues its work, there is an appeal, before a judge, to overturn city council’s decisions to allow this to go forward,” Clark said.

Attorney Bryan Hunt, on behalf of eight people, filed a case in Franklin County Court of Common Pleas against the City of Columbus, the Columbus City Council, and Pizzuti GE LLC, which was heard on Monday.

“Behind us here is Kossuth Street, and Kossuth between Grant Avenue and Jaeger would form the back end of this project, just as it has been the back end of the grocery,” Clark said at the corner of East Kossuth Street and South Grant Avenue.

“But with increased traffic along Grant, with increased traffic over on Jaeger, I feel for the people who live along Kossuth. They’re going to see a lot more traffic.”

Neighbors have always maintained they want development on this site — but not this project.

“We’re concerned about parking. We’re concerned about the height of this building. We’re concerned about the fact that it would just not fit into the historic fabric of this neighborhood,” Clark said. “Pizzuti builds beautiful buildings. And I think this will be a beautiful building, but not here.”

NBC4 called Pizzuti offices about the court appeal, but they declined to comment.