COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) – The increase in gas prices across the country is also being felt in central Ohio.

Average prices hit a new high Tuesday, reaching $4.36 per gallon – an all-time high — across the United States, according to GasBuddy.

Columbus is also seeing record-breaking numbers. It cost resident Noah Hanft just a little over $60 to fill his tank.

“It’s frustrating though — I mean prices of everything are going up,” Hanft said.

The last time the U.S. saw prices surge this high was back on March 10, when the national per-gallon average was $4.35.  

“I was planning on going up to Michigan, actually, with some friends, actually, and we ended up canceling that because it’d be like $50 of gas per person,” Hanft said. “It just wouldn’t be worth it.”

According to AAA, the current average per-gallon price in Columbus is $4.18, and has been climbing steadily all month. One week ago, the price was $3.87; a month ago, it was $3.80.

“Every day, I change; sometimes every hour, depends on when it’s slow,” said Ziyd Bersh, who owns a gas station on High Street and Hudson Street, of the gas prices. “Have it come down for the customer — sometimes if high again, down. Every day change the price, every day now almost two, three weeks now.”

Brad Graley is on the road much of the day for his line of work.

“I do maintenance, so I’m always around, driving around town a lot of the day, so I fill up about every day,” he said.

Graley said he was surprised to see the price per gallon back above $4, and he’s hoping it falls soon.

“Already on a strict budget but gas prices don’t help, so, you know, just keep working more hours, I guess, to offset it,” he said.

The price of diesel hit a new record on May 10 as well, hitting a national average of $5.53 per gallon.

Click here to see the average prices across the state.