COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — A firehouse built in the 1800s for horse-drawn engines will get new life as the permanent home of the Columbus Historical Society.

The 1882 building at 540 West Broad Street cost $700,000 from the Columbus Metropolitan Housing Authority, and the society has raised about $1.2 million so far, which is half of their goal. Renovation will be around $1.8 million — and includes the hope for finding an original fire pole.

“Public and private funding on this project has been tremendous,” said Michael Frush, president of the Columbus Historical Society’s board. “And we sincerely appreciate it.”

The historical society has been in talks to buy the building for three years. In that time private and public donors committed additional money to refurbish it.

The former firehouse will become a research library, archival storage facility, and community meeting space. In addition, the site will serve as the first permanent home of the society.