COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) – Central Ohioans with ties to Ukraine are continuing to seek help for the country as it continues its war with Russia and hope the community will chip in to support humanitarian aid.

On Wednesday, a fundraiser was held, and a benefit concert will be held this weekend.

Russia’s invasion began in February and local Ukrainians don’t want people to forget the fighting continues.

“Ukrainians are still dying,” said Natalia Lebedin, president of the Ukrainian Cultural Association of Ohio. “The occupied areas right now under Russian control are suffering greatly.”

Five months have passed since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine started. No matter how much time goes by, Ukraine is top of mind for Lebedin every day.

“Everybody lives in fear, but they refuse to submit to it,” she said.

Lebedin recently became president of the Ukrainian Cultural Association of Ohio and has family members still in Ukraine.

“Daily sirens and the threat of bombings, indiscriminate, any time, civilian targets,” she said of the country’s daily status.

While she’s always thinking about ways to help, she’s concerned that five months in, there’s not as much widespread attention as there once was. It’s part of the reason she’s spreading the word about a benefit concert coming up this weekend.

“We remain devoted to supporting Ukraine and we’re still here and we’re not going to give up,” Lebedin said.

It’s also why All Saints Lutheran Church in Worthington held a fundraiser Wednesday.

“It’s dire to keep finding ways to remind people the war and violence has not ended and to find ways to keep giving and keep helping,” said Pastor Scott Nellis with the church.

Marianna Klochko presented to those at the church. She was born in Ukraine and also still has loved ones in cities experiencing shelling on a regular basis.

“It’s really important for us to be vigilant and to be mindful and to not forget about Ukrainians because they’re risking, they’re dying for freedom, for the western ideals,” Klochko said.

This weekend’s benefit concert, which will be held at Natalie’s Grandview on King Avenue, will raise money for medical supplies to send to Ukraine. For more information, click here.