COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — Owners of two apartment buildings with more than 1,000 calls to Columbus police and documented filthy living conditions are in court with the city attorney’s office.

Latitude Five25 on Sawyer Boulevard has two towers of 15 stories each, with almost 400 apartment units. In 2016, the buildings were sold to Skyview Apartment Towers for about $14 million but transferred in 2021 to Paxe Latitude of New Jersey for no cost, court documents show.

Feces in the stairwell

On Jan. 24, a housing inspector said that there were broken first-floor windows, overgrown grass, mattresses, furniture, trash and debris scattered outside, as well as food garbage, and feces in the 529 stairwell, the court documents said.

In December the inspector said he found bed bugs and roach infestations. Other tenants complained of no heat during winter and a lack of cold water, the inspector’s report said.

1,000 calls to CPD

Columbus police responded to over 1,000 calls for service to Latitude Five25 in the two years between Jan. 7, 2020, and Jan. 6, 2022, the complaint said, including an incident where six cars were shot at, with bullets flying into apartment windows.

Overdoses, stabbings, drugs, and fights — as well as regular calls to shootings — plagued the towers, the complaint shows.

The city attorney’s office has asked the court for remedy of code violations by Feb. 15 at Latitude Five25, a clear remediation plan, and security to be hired to combat crime.

Court documents also ask for the appointment of a receiver if conditions aren’t met.

NBC4 reached out to attorney Steven Tigges, who is listed on the documents as representing Latitude Five25 owners, but did not receive a reply.