COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) – Festival season is back in Columbus and it comes at a time when the city is looking to curb violence in local parks.

One of the first big events of the summer is the Columbus Arts Festival. It’s been three years since Columbus has been able to celebrate art like this.

“So exciting finally get to be here and you know present my work for the first time and have everybody see it,” said Lindsay Boyd, an artist from Lewis Center.

It comes as the city works to curb violence after shootings in some of the metro parks. Mayor Andrew Ginther says they’re working with the division of police to ensure events like this are safe. That’s why city police have opportunities for overtime this summer.

“Many officers have signed up to participate you know over the weekends throughout the summer — so yes some of those folks will be here but also high-profile places — parks, gathering areas and also neighborhoods throughout the city,” Ginther explained.

He says there will be officers on patrol throughout the weekend, on foot and on bikes. Entrances to the festival will also be watched.

“There are barriers put up, we put them up to protect folks during marathon races and things like that based on what happened around other places around the country,” said Ginther.

Boyd, who is from Lewis Center, says she feels like the city and event planners are prepared.

“They’ve got all entrances kind of covered and with most of it ok the bridges it kind of secludes you and you can’t have a lot of crazy stuff coming through,” she said.

Boyd says she’s looking forward to selling her work and enjoying what the festival has to offer.

“We can’t ask for better weather than that and I’m sure the crowds are going to be crazy tomorrow and Sunday too.”

There are events that go into the evening hours for the festival. Ginther says there will be additional lighting as well.