COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — It has been one year since a Columbus police officer shot and killed Donovan Lewis.

Then-Columbus police officer Ricky Anderson was serving an overnight arrest warrant when he shot Lewis within roughly one second of opening his bedroom door. Lewis was unarmed.

A month ago, a grand jury charged Anderson with murder and reckless homicide. On Wednesday, Lewis’ family marked one year without him by continuing their calls for justice.

Lewis’ family marked what they call his “angel day” with a vigil to raise awareness, support one another and demand justice.

“We’re not going anywhere, that we are still seeking justice, and any slice of justice that we’re able to get for him is for anyone,” Lewis’ mother Rebecca Duran said.

Lewis’ family said the last year without him has been a rollercoaster of emotions.

“I mean, as my shirt says, he should be here,” Duran said. “That, unfortunately, is the biggest thought that I’ve had today, is that he should still be here. His beautiful smile. He should be here with us.”

“This has been a long road and we haven’t even come close to the finish line. And this is the real pain that we suffered through every day,” Lewis’ great aunt Chandra Lewis said.

Through that pain, they are continuing to call for justice, for Donovan and for everyone.

“I’m going to fight for my nephew, and I’m going to fight for that next child, the next mother and father’s child that is lost,” Lewis said.

“For the sake of the families and respect for the families, it needs to happen in a more timely fashion,” Duran said. “This is dragging it out for my family, for Casey Goodson’s family, other families. It drags it out. It puts salt in a wound. We don’t get to heal because it’s constantly reopened.”

In March, Columbus police announced Anderson retired in “bad standing” from the department, meaning he can no longer have his gun and his badge.

Anderson is set to appear in court on Oct. 3.