COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — A central Ohio family is dealing with unimaginable loss while also supporting loved ones who are still in the hospital.

5-year-old Zy’yhon Scott and 4-month-old Zy’quavious Hamilton died after being hit by a car in South Linden over the weekend. They were with their other brother and their mother. They were all crossing Cleveland Avenue near East 25th Avenue when they were hit by the car, according to the Columbus Division of Police (CPD).

“It’s been really really tough for our family. But we are sticking together the best we know how. We are being as positive as we can be, being there for each other as much as we can,” said Susie Dunn, a cousin of the young boys.

Family members said Zy’yhon will be remembered for being a great big brother and Zy’quavious will be remembered for being a great baby.

“Very happy and the baby all you had to do was look at him, eye contact and his mouth would go open wide for a laugh. Very very handsome children,” said Mary Zacarias, the boys’ aunt.

The family has started a fundraising page to help cover funeral costs and other costs associated with the incident. Zy’yhon had recently finished preschool and told family he wanted to be a police officer when he grew up.

“It just goes to show what type of personality he had, how he was a helper and wanted to continue as an adult being a helper,” Dunn said. “We took a huge loss, the community took a huge loss, our family took a huge loss, their mother took a huge loss.”

Neighbors told NBC4 they’d like to see the area where the accident happened become more pedestrian friendly. Dunn agreed.

“That Cleveland avenue area for sure should probably implement some more crosswalks, better lighting,” Dunn said.

The city’s Department of Public Service said while work for that specific area is not currently planned, it continues to look at areas which could need improvements. Police said the driver will not be cited for the accident.