COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — Columbus police and fire participated in a large-scale active shooter training Wednesday inside a massive 200,000-square-foot facility.

Police said the facility – the Huntington Bank Gateway Center — presented the perfect opportunity for them to practice alongside several other departments.

The active shooter was fake, as part of a training exercise, however, the defense tactics used by these officers were all real.

“They’re wearing body cameras in there, and they’re going to take it back, and they’re basically handling this the way they’ve trained all of us to handle it,” said Columbus Division of Police Sgt. Joe Albert.

Albert said the training exercise Columbus police officers, several local fire departments, and SWAT, all working together. The exercise itself was initiated by Huntington Bank.

“It’s been nearly a year in progress to train, to prepare for this training exercise, because, as you can see, it’s a huge operation and there are multiple agencies involved and Huntington is working closely with all of them to best learn and prepare,” said Huntington National Bank spokesperson David Miller.

Miller said Huntington approached Columbus police with the idea to improve the company’s own safety measures in case of an active shooter.

Inside the building, they’ve placed between 60 and 75 volunteers all pretending to be civilians in the training exercise.

Albert said the personnel taking part in this exercise are training officers whose job it is to train other police on how to respond to these situations.

“This scenario, they have no idea what to expect, so now they’re actually putting what they trained us to do in to place to see if it’s stuff that actually works, or if there is something, some tweaks they would make here or there,” he said.

The exercise began at 1 p.m. and wrapped up shortly after 3 p.m.

Huntington Bank said it is willing to collaborate with Columbus police and fire in the future for more trainings.