COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) – Police arrested a man after they said he attacked his ex-girlfriend outside a Franklinton pizza shop, then chased her on city roads.

Haikiem Graham. (Courtesy Photo/Franklin County Sheriff’s Office)

Haikiem Graham, 37, was taken into custody on Tuesday and faces a charge of felonious assault with a weapon or ordinance. The offense ties back to an Oct. 14 incident around 8 p.m. involving a high-speed chase and threats with a handgun, according to a criminal complaint record in Graham’s case.

The Columbus Division of Police said Graham’s ex-girlfriend was pulling into the parking lot of Happy’s Pizza at 1450 W. Broad St. when Graham pulled up next to her. She told police she recognized Graham and tried to drive away, but then he rammed the passenger side of her car with his.

The ex-girlfriend told police that she then drove around the pizza shop’s parking lot to get back on Broad Street. He followed her, yelled threats and then pointed a handgun at her, according to the criminal complaint report. The ex-girlfriend then drove faster to try and get away, going around 80 miles per hour on the city road. Graham kept up, driving in and out of oncoming traffic and running red lights. He then purposely rammed the back of his ex-girlfriend’s car.

The ex-girlfriend eventually saw CPD cruisers coming towards her on Broad Street, and flagged them down for help. The report said at this point, Graham drove away. Columbus police said they eventually found his car and tried to stop him, but he sped away again when officers walked up to his car.

Later that night, CPD said it located Graham’s empty car at the Spotlight Lounge at 1662 W. Mound St. It would be another 11 days before officers found and arrested him.

Graham had an arraignment hearing Wednesday morning. His Franklin County Jail record also listed additional outstanding charges in a separate case, which included two other counts of felonious assault and domestic violence by assault. The jail record listed his next court date for the Oct. 14 case as Nov. 4.